Imagine being hit by a car.

Could you imagine how much you would suffer? Would it depend on whether you were killed instantly? Would it depend on whether you were hit again by another car? What if that didn't kill you?

At what point would you try to drag yourself off the road? Would you try? Even it the pain was excrutiating? What if you saw another car approaching?

At what point would you realise you were going to die? Would you think of your family? Would you grieve as you wondered how they were going to survive?

When would you stop hurting?

Imagine its dead of night. You were hit by a car ten minutes previously. You had managed to drag yourself a foot towards the edge. In that time the lights of ten other cars had passed you. One had clipped your rear. It had shattered your pelvis. You were still alive. You were still awake. You were in great pain. As each vehicle approached you feared against the additional pain it was going to cause...

It is believed by many that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sentient animals are killed on British roads every year.

Many humans strongly believe that each of these sentient animals has suffered to some degree. We also believe that some of these animals will have suffered an excrutiating death.

We believe that Road Kill is the biggest single cause of animal suffering in the UK. We also believe it is the single biggest ignored issued of our time. We all see it, everyday for most of the year. It is difficult to travel more than a few miles without seeing an animal corpse. Yet the issue is silently ignored!

What we don't know are the facts. How many die each year? How much they suffer? What can be done about it? How much are drivers aware of the issue? and how much are drivers willing to change the way they drive?

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